The Fabric of Our Lives?

by Marathon Sports
on May 25, 2017

Let’s try a little science experiment. Go grab a cotton t-shirt. Run it under the faucet for about 30 seconds. Now put it on and go out for a run.

Not so much fun, right?

The perfect summer outfit by Brooks: Sherpa Hat $27; Uprise Crossback Bra $44; Ghost Racerback $40; Chaser 3″ Short $50

You hear us constantly harping on the fact that cotton is no good when it comes to running and working out....

SHOE UPDATE: Mizuno Wave Sky

by Marathon Sports
on May 24, 2017


The high-cushioned neutral shoe category is among the most competitive in the world of running. Mizuno has jumped into this category with a brand new shoe, and it is NICE. Here’s the lowdown on the Wave Sky:


2017-05-17 22.19.31

Mizuno‘s new Cloudwave Technology gives you a soft yet snappy ride and smooth transition from heel to toe.


2017-05-17 22.17.24

While Mizunois generally known for giving...


by Marathon Sports
on May 24, 2017


As we slowly enter the summer months, we’ve been doing some thinking about what exercise means to us. While a number of people that work for this company are quite speedy, there are many, many more of us who use running and exercise as a few different things:

  • A really inexpensive version of therapy
  • A calming influence on our daily life
  • A way to connect with people
  • A reason to smile everyday
  • A...

SHOP THE LOOK: Saucony Life on the Run

by Marathon Sports
on May 23, 2017

Saucony Life on the Run
Love this outfit. Pictured: Balance Tank; Luxe Crop Tight; Kinvara 8

Although we’re a ‘running store,’ we know that most of you aren’t JUST running. You’re spinning. You’re yoga-ing. You’re barre-ing. You’re kicking and punching. And so much more.

You’re busy! So your wardrobe should be able to take you from run to gym to coffee shop and everywhere else your daily life takes you.

That’s why we...

SHOE UPDATE: Saucony Ride 10

by Marathon Sports
on May 22, 2017


Okay, it is a little bit absurd how good running shoe updates are getting lately. The Saucony Ride 10 debuted earlier this month and we have heard so much positive feedback from customers that we decided to try it out ourselves. And yeah. It is that good. So what’s new about version 10 of this gem?


2017-05-17 22.09.23

Sauconyhas introduced a new type of knit in the heel that gives more structure...

SHOE UPDATE: Asics Kayano 24

by Marathon Sports
on May 18, 2017


The classic lives on! The Asics Gel Kayano updates on June 1st, but we are lucky enough to get our hands on it early thanks to an exciting partnership between Asics and Runkeeper!

This high cushioned stability shoe has been a fan favorite for 23 iterations now, and while version 24 has some fresh new tech, it doesn’t stray too far from its roots as one of the classic bread and butter shoes in the...


by Marathon Sports
on May 16, 2017

Even though we’re in the foot industry, we are not afraid to admit that feet are pretty gross. Especially runner feet. However, the right sock can help them be just a little bit less gross by keeping your foot cool, dry, and blister-free.

Ever since they broke into the market more than a decade ago, Balega socks have been a staple in our gear arsenal.


There are a few things that have made Balegai...

Get Unstuck!

by Marathon Sports
on May 11, 2017


Guys, today is the best and worst day of the year. It’s NATIONAL FOAM ROLLING DAY! That thing we love to hate to love has its own day? Awesome.

Why do we love the humble foam roller? Because it’s good for our fascia.

What the heck is fascia?


FASCIAis a band or sheet of fibrous connective tissue that weaves throughout your entire body. It attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates your muscles...

BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Feetures! Socks

by Marathon Sports
on May 08, 2017

FullSizeRender 28

We’re suckers for a great family story.

Feetures!was founded by North Carolina native Hugh Gaither, who had worked for a leading sock manufacturer for 30 years when he decided to set out on his own with the help of his sons Joe and John. Joe, who now serves as the company’s marketing director, was actually only 15 years old when he suggested the name ‘Feetures.’ John leads product development for...

GEAR UP: we got socks

by Marathon Sports
on May 02, 2017

What’s the most important piece of equipment for a runner or walker? You’d probably say shoes – and you’d be right. BUT, there is another thing that is almost as important as a good pair of shoes, and it’s probably something you don’t pay very much attention to until it goes wrong.



This sounds super dramatic, but a pair of sockshas the capability of making or breaking a long run. Have you...