WHY DO I RUN: Ailish’s Story

by Marathon Sports
on June 23, 2017


Part of a series of runner profiles we’ll be featuring throughout the summer

Finishing my first collegiate race at Roger Williams

“You have to pick something. You should be doing something every season.”

When my sister and I were really young, my parents would enroll us in different sports and activities. They wanted us to be active. I tried things like ice skating, tennis, and soccer and found...

SWEAT IS LOVE: Summer Running Tips

by Marathon Sports
on June 22, 2017


Having some trouble maintaining consistency with your running lately? You’re not alone. It seems as if this stretch of heat and humidity just snuck up on us. Don’t get us wrong – we’re delighted that summer is here. But it has required some adjustments in our training. Here are some tried and true tips to help you beat the heat and keep running this summer:


It might go...

WHY DO I RUN: Kathy’s Story

by Marathon Sports
on June 22, 2017


Part of a series of runner profiles we’ll be featuring throughout the summer


Running makes us feel good. It’s a gift. If you run without injuries, now that’s a bonus!

Throughout my life running has been enjoyable. Whether on the beach, a trail, a rock jetty, or on the road. Alone is fine, as well as in a group. Running is fun.

Most runners strive towards a 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon,...

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Reach the Beach

by Marathon Sports
on June 12, 2017


Running your first Ragnar is AMAZING, but it can also be kind of intimidating, too. 36 hours in a van? Running in the middle of the night? Who signed me up for this, anyway?

Add in the mystique of Reach the Beach, and the nerves can really start to kick in as you’re driving up to Bretton Woods on Thursday night or Friday morning. Reach the Beach is the oldest team relay event in the country, and...

WHY DO I RUN? Katie’s Story

by Marathon Sports
on June 12, 2017


Part of a series of runner profiles we’ll be featuring throughout the summer

Crossing the finish line at my first marathon in 2015

Running is something that is deeply personal to me. Those who know me now would be surprised to learn that I was never an athletic person before I began running four years ago. I never played a sport, and I could barely run a quarter of mile without stopping.

I began...


by Marathon Sports
on June 09, 2017


As the weather takes a turn toward summer here in New England (finally), you may notice that you feel a lot more sluggish during and after workouts. A little thing called dehydration may be creeping up on you without you even knowing it!

Being even mildly dehydrated can affect your performance. Sport scientists have noted that your body’s ability to perform high intensity exercise decreases by up...

SHOE UPDATE: Brooks Glycerin 15

by Marathon Sports
on June 09, 2017


Another gem of an update has just hit Marathon Sports stores! And an additional shoe in the already stacked neutral high-cushion category. This is generally the shoe category where companies debut their new and exciting technology, and we’ve got some cool things in the newest version of the Brooks Glycerin:


2017-06-01 15.16.52

The upper (meaning, the part that wraps around the top of your foot) is...


by Marathon Sports
on June 06, 2017


Global Running Day is Wednesday, June 7th. It’s a celebration of our favorite form of exercise, and we hope you’ll join us on this great day! Share your run with us on Instagram and you’ll be automatically entered to win some Marathon Sports gear! Here’s how it works:

  • POST a photo on Instagram of your run on Global Running Day
  • FOLLOW us @marathonsports
  • TAG@marathonsports and use #lifeinmotion &...

The Fabric of Our Lives?

by Marathon Sports
on May 25, 2017

Let’s try a little science experiment. Go grab a cotton t-shirt. Run it under the faucet for about 30 seconds. Now put it on and go out for a run.

Not so much fun, right?

The perfect summer outfit by Brooks: Sherpa Hat $27; Uprise Crossback Bra $44; Ghost Racerback $40; Chaser 3″ Short $50

You hear us constantly harping on the fact that cotton is no good when it comes to running and working out....

SHOE UPDATE: Mizuno Wave Sky

by Marathon Sports
on May 24, 2017


The high-cushioned neutral shoe category is among the most competitive in the world of running. Mizuno has jumped into this category with a brand new shoe, and it is NICE. Here’s the lowdown on the Wave Sky:


2017-05-17 22.19.31

Mizuno‘s new Cloudwave Technology gives you a soft yet snappy ride and smooth transition from heel to toe.


2017-05-17 22.17.24

While Mizunois generally known for giving...