WHY DO I RUN? Katie’s Story

Part of a series of runner profiles we’ll be featuring throughout the summer

Crossing the finish line at my first marathon in 2015

Running is something that is deeply personal to me. Those who know me now would be surprised to learn that I was never an athletic person before I began running four years ago. I never played a sport, and I could barely run a quarter of mile without stopping.

I began running after watching one of my best friends run the Falmouth Road Race. I saw how strong and empowered she was, and I thought maybe I could do that too. I was going through a tough period in my life emotionally; I had just graduated college and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I used running as an outlet to clear my mind, which in return helped me to become stronger physically and emotionally. It was a very slow start, but I persisted.

Running became a part of me. I was never really that fast. I just ran for the love of it and for the feeling I felt afterwards. It brought me joy and ingrained in my mind the notion that although I may not be the fastest, or the best, it was a way for me to stay healthy both physically and emotionally. In the past four years, I have run 19 half marathons, and 4 marathons.

My first track workout with my coach that helped make me believe that a BQ was actually possible.

I am currently training for my first BQ (Boston Qualifier) attempt in Chicago this October, with the help of a running coach who has completely changed my outlook on training. Running Boston has always been a goal of mine. The thought of being able to toe the line in 2019 helps to keep me more motivated than ever to get out the door and put in all the hard work it will take me to get there.

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