Summer Sunglasses & Running Eyewear Guide for Runners

Feels like summer! Aside from the usual summer running considerations (sunblock, hydration, Body Glide), one thing people often overlook is eye protection. Sure, we wear sunglasses when we’re at the beach or heading out to a boozy summer brunch. But what about when you’re out for a run, walk, or bike ride?

The sun’s UV rays can damage your eyes if you’re not wearing the right type of sunglasses! So just like you mindfully put sunblock on before every run (ahem, you should be doing this), you should protect the eyes.


Ultraviolet (UV) rays are located just past the violet portion of the visible light spectrum. Sunlight is the main source. UV light is broken into three different types: UVA, UVB and UVC.

UVA rays are responsible for you getting a tan – they penetrate deeply into your skin and cause the skin to age. UVA rays can pass through regular/untreated glass.

UVB are the most dangerous – generally believed to be responsible for sunburns and linked to skin cancer. However, UVB rays cannot pass through glass.

UVC rays cannot penetrate the earth’s atmosphere, so they do not bother humans.

So as long as you’re wearing lenses that are labeled UV400 or indicate that they offer 100% UV protection, your eyes will be protected from these harmful rays. And the good news is that running sunglasses have come a LONG way in terms of style. While the sporty wrap-around styles are still out there, they’ve been supplemented by a new crop of super stylish yet highly functional options.


Tifosi Running Eyewear

Photo courtesy of Runner’s World

Let’s start with the least casual of the bunch. The performance running line by Tifosi is lightweight, durable, and best of all, reasonably priced! Our favorite models are the Slip and Wisp. Both offer interchangeable lenses, a rubberized ear and nose piece to ensure that your glasses fit perfectly, full UV protection, and scratch-proof lenses. Tifosi Performance Sunglasses range in price from $50-$80 and are available in stores and online.


Tifosi Running Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Tifosi Optics

The Swank was recently introduced as a less sporty-looking option for active people. This is a fantastic blend of style and performance. These sunglasses are lightweight and non-slip and come in a lot of fun colors. The lenses are scratch-proof and offer full UV protection. Available in stores and online!


Goodr Running Eyewear

Pure fun. We love our Goodr’s! But don’t let the fun colors and hilarious branding fool you – Goodr shades are fantastic running sunglasses! They are lightweight and non-slip with polarized-coated lenses that offer UV protection. Goodr sunglasses range in price from $25-$35 and are available in all Marathon Sports stores and online.