SUMMER ESSENTIALS: BodyGlide & SportShield

Running Products

There is so much to love about the summer – sunshine, warm weather, the beach, the 4th of July…the list goes on. But one thing runners and active people do NOT like about the summer is the dreaded chafe.

Chafing is one of the less glamorous parts of running, but hey, it happens to everyone. Especially during the hot and humid summer months as we’re sweating buckets during every run. One ill-placed seam or your least favorite shorts (that you have to wear because you’ve been seriously slacking on doing laundry) will have you crying in pain the second you step into that post-run shower.

So how do we prevent chafing? Make sure your clothing fits properly – and ladies, retire that old sports bra because it’s not doing you any favors in this department. But if you’re doing all the right things apparel-wise and still chafing, there ARE a couple of products you can pick up that will help you out.


The original, the old standby. BodyGlide has been around seemingly forever. I mean, what did people even do before it was created in 1996?


SportShield, created by 2Toms, came onto the market in 2002. It was created by Tom Lewis (one of the Toms) because he kept getting terrible blisters while hiking and needed a solution.

Both BodyGlide and SportShield deliver serious results and you’ll wonder how you lived without them for so long! Here are a few things that we love about these products:

NON-TOXIC – Both products are free of animal products or cheap petroleum. SportShield is silicone-based, and BodyGlide is plant-derived.

NOT HEAVY OR STICKY – A lot of people say ‘Well can’t you just use vaseline?’ Sure, you can – but once you make the switch over to a product specifically designed for activity like BodyGlide or SportShield, you’ll realize why they are so popular. Both products are super lightweight, leave no residue, and allow your skin to breathe. They don’t stain your clothing, and one application lasts your whole run.

PORTABLE – A necessity! BodyGlide comes in a few different sizes, with the largest no bigger than a stick of deodorant. SportShield is offered in little single-use towelettes!

PUT IT ANYWHERE – Both products are hypo-allergenic and can be applied wherever you need – underarms, under your sportsbra, on your feet…

So they’re both pretty awesome, but we asked one of our staffers who has tested out both for his feedback. Here’s his unbiased review:

SportShield has a thinner consistency and is a little more greasy, while BodyGlide is thicker and a little bit paste-like, but cleaner than SportShield.

VERDICT: SportShield performed better on a long run, but BodyGlide was cleaner and a great choice for shorter runs.

So which is your go-to anti-chafe product? You can’t go wrong with either one.

BodyGlide and SportShield are available at all Marathon Sports locations.