Spring? Where are you?

by Seth Taylor, #road2boston ambassador

28 days / 672 hours / 40,320 minutes until the Boston Marathon!

Spring forward, ha! Last week was still cold winter here in New England!


Interesting week, a lot of snow (I know, shocker), two rest days, good long run (18 miles with 7:48 avg. pace) and somehow a total of 50 miles.

First, food. The snow day de jour was Tuesday and it brought with it a lot of work from home and a big crock pot full of some of the best chicken noodle/potato soup I have put together. Not kidding, it was super easy too. RECIPE HERE

The morning darkness was a welcome change due to the time change because I struggle sleeping when sun is starting to rise, but it was a bit brutal when it came to rising and running. I ended up mixing in some spin bike and only four miles on the tread (thank goodness).

The Comm. Ave. underpass of Mass. Ave. is showing improvement. Tic toc! Can’t wait to see the stripe painted down the middle!

Weekend miles totaled 30, with unfortunately another solo 18 mile long run on Saturday (ready for my training partner to be back) and then a very slow zone 2 heart rate 12 miles on Sunday. Both runs had a lovely headwind for the first half and about 30 degree temperatures!

A very kind Bostonian has allowed us to use a Normatec recovery system, and it is definitely helping me recover and push forward.

The #road2boston continues, and I hope you all are doing great!

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