SHOE UPDATE: Brooks Levitate 2 Cushioned Running Shoe

Brooks Levitate 2 - Energized Cushioning Running Shoes

The newest version of the Brooks Levitate has hit our stores to rave reviews! This shoe debuted last summer as a high-cushioned neutral addition to the Brooks product line – with some funky new tech. Brooks has made some adjustments in version 2 of this shoe to give us an even smoother, more comfortable ride. Here’s what we love about it:


Brooks Levitate 2 - Energized Cushioning Running Shoes

DNA AMP cushioning does more than just look cool. It actually returns energy, making you feel springier on your run! Here’s how it works: your bouncy cushioned foam is encased in a TPU skin (the silver part of the shoe you see here). So the kinetic energy that is generated when you run only has one place to escape – back up through your legs (because the TPU skin keeps it from escaping out the sides).


Brooks Levitate 2 - Energized Cushioning Running Shoes

Part of what makes this shoe so comfortable is the improvements that Brooks has made to the mesh upper. The mesh feels like a cozy sock thanks to this great heel wrap and heel tab.

The Brooks Levitate 2 ($150) is available at select Marathon Sports locations and at



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