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Nike Pegasus 40 Review


The Nike Pegasus is a shoe runners have known and loved for decades. There’s a reason this running shoe remains one of the most popular in the industry after 40 editions.

The Nike Pegasus 40 features several upgrades over the 39 and previous models. However, it remains Nike’s tried and true running shoe for comfort, durability, style, versatility, and fit.

Our Marathon Sports team put the Nike Pegasus 40 to the test in search of what sets this year’s model apart from previous editions and the latest and greatest running shoes from other brands. Our goal is to help you determine if the new Pegasus is an ideal running shoe for your wants and needs.

Nike Men's Pegasus 40
1 Color
Nike Men's Pegasus 40


Nike Women's Pegasus 40
1 Color
Nike Women's Pegasus 40



Our Review Process

At Marathon Sports, outfitting runners with the best shoes for their needs is our passion. We spend weeks researching and running in the shoes we sell, so we can provide well-rounded, unbiased reviews that help you make wise shopping decisions.

Our reviewers are staff members and avid runners. They lace up and take the shoes on runs of varying distances and different types of terrain.

We thoroughly tested the Nike Pegasus 40 to see how it performed in terms of durability, comfort, fit, and several other key factors. Our team members are familiar with previous editions of this iconic running shoe, making it easy to compare this latest version to those prior.

This review contains a combination of insights from various team members with different running styles and foot shapes. Their expertise can help you determine if the Pegasus 40 is the best shoe for you.

Nike Pegasus 40 Details

The Nike Pegasus 40 is a responsive daily trainer with neutral support and medium cushioning. It’s one of the most legendary running shoes on the market for its versatility and reliability, workout after workout.

The following details will help you determine if the new Nike Pegasus is the right fit for you.

  • 10mm drop from heel to toe
  • The weight is 9.4 oz for a men’s size 9 & 7.7 oz for a women’s size 8
  • Features Nike’s React midsole technology and two Zoom Air units
  • Breathable yet plush single-layer mesh upper
  • Available up to men’s size 15 and women’s size 12
  • Stack height of 33mm/23mm
  • Available in standard, wide, and extra-wide fits
  • Designed for daily training/road running, suitable for varying workouts
  • Price: USD $130

About the Legendary Nike Pegasus

The Nike Pegasus, known throughout the running world as the “Peg,” is a legendary all-around running shoe steeped in 40 years of history. The shoe launched in 1983 and was Nike’s first shoe with a heel Air unit for shock absorption.

Five years later, the Pegasus was Nike’s most popular running shoe. It received significant upgrades in 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2014, with numerous less drastic updates in each new edition.

The Nike Pegasus 40 isn’t a massive upgrade from the 39 or the past several models, but it was tweaked with several innovative features. Over 40 years, the Pegasus has developed a cult following, and many runners believe the Peg doesn’t need much more than it already has.

Find out more about the latest additions to the Pegasus and more below.

Upgrades for 2023

Nike Pegasus 40 vs Nike Pegasus 39 Side by side comparison

The improvements in the Nike Pegasus for 2023 are subtle but welcome. Our team appreciated the new mid-foot band for a snug fit along the foot’s arch.

The mesh upper is more breathable than last year’s model yet plush enough to offer comfort on long runs. The shoe feels more luxurious and breathable in the toe, heel, and arch areas. The unique circular pattern in sensitive foot areas gives the shoe a more customized feel.

Many times, our reviewers wish brands made more changes when releasing a new edition of a classic running shoe, but that’s not the case with the Pegasus 40. They felt the subtle changes were effective and appreciated that Nike didn’t alter the shoe’s neutral support and optimal responsiveness.

The Nike Pegasus 40 is an example of a company understanding that if something isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing.

Impressive Features

Some of the most impressive features of the Nike Pegasus 40 are those that the shoe has given runners for years.

The Pegasus, being a neutral running shoe, offers balanced support while promoting a natural stride. Medium cushioning underfoot with two Air Zoom units offers an energetic bounce without feeling too soft. Impacts are soft, and transitions are smooth.

Our team continuously praises the Pegasus for its high-energy return. The two Zoom Air units, at the heel and forefoot, and Nike React technology provide optimal responsiveness and spring to get more out of your run. The result is a shoe that encourages you to go farther, faster.

Other stand-out features include the durable, waffle-style traction designed for road running. Our team also found the grip works well for running on the track, treadmill, road, and other surfaces. Additionally, the Pegasus 40 and other Nike trainers are made by the same designers of their super shoes, like the Vaporfly and Alphafly. Thus, they have some of the same DNA as the best of the best on the market.

The Nike Pegasus 40 also features an optimized heel area, offering more landing space for balanced and powerful transitions. It also improves the shoe’s durability, so it remains reliable and comfortable workout after workout. An extra flex groove in the forefoot promotes a strong and smooth toe-off as you transition from heel-to-toe.

Our reviewers noted that the new Nike Pegasus doesn’t offer massive technology upgrades, but the shoe’s tried and true features remain as effective as ever.

How It Rides

Runners continuously praise the Nike Pegasus for its energetic ride. It’s a moderately cushioned shoe that feels springy and energetic yet stable and supportive. It remains comfortable from start to finish, whether walking the neighborhood with friends or running a marathon.

The Zoom Air units and additional cushioning soften landings while energizing take-offs. The optimized heel area and strategic cushioning provides balance for forefoot or heel strikers.

A Snug and Forgiving Fit

The Nike Pegasus 40 fits snuggly without feeling tight or restricted. The fit is one of the areas Nike focused on improving in this edition.

The new midfoot band holds the foot in position while remaining forgiving on the arch. Nike describes the feeling as a “gentle hug.” The goal was to improve the shoe’s interior breathability and comfort by conforming to your foot with an engineered circular pattern.

The Peg 40 also features plush foam on the collar for a more luxurious feel and protection from blisters and other discomforts.

The Nike Pegasus 40 fits true to size and is comfortable out of the box.

Who Should Choose the Nike Pegasus 40?

Man running in the Nike Pegasus 40 Running Shoes

The Nike Pegasus is one of the most versatile running shoes on the market. It’s for everyone, from speed walkers to everyday trainers and marathon runners. Year after year, runners turn to the Pegasus for its reliability, comfort, and neutral support.

The Pegasus 40 offers balance and stability for forefoot and heel strikers. It is a running shoe for almost everyone. However, runners who prefer ultra-cushioned shoes may want to seek a model with more foam underfoot.

Pros and Cons

The Nike Pegasus 40 isn’t the most technical or cushioned running shoe you’ll find, but that’s not what it’s for. The Pegasus is a reliable workhorse that maintains its comfortable fit and energetic feel mile after mile.

Our reviewers compiled a list of pros and cons to help you determine if the Peg 40 will be the shoe to take you one step closer to your running goals.


  • One of the most dependable running shoes on the market
  • Ideal for almost all runners and all types of runs
  • High responsiveness
  • Comfortable cushioning that’s not too soft
  • Snug, yet breathable and forgiving upper


  • Some reviewers felt the additional padding on the tongue is unnecessary
  • It does not offer extra foam for those who prefer ultra-cushioned running shoes
  • No significant changes from the Pegasus 39
  • The Peg 40 is almost 1 ounce heavier than the Peg 39

In Conclusion: The Nike Pegasus 40

After logging countless miles in the Pegasus 40, our reviewers found it the durable, comfortable, and energetic all-around running shoe they’ve always loved. However, they weren’t blown away by the upgrades made for 2023. Some argued that if a runner currently uses a pair of Pegasus 39s in good shape, they may want to wait until the company makes more significant changes before upgrading.

The bottom line is that there’s not much to change with the Nike Pegasus, as most runners find it nearly perfect just the way it is. It’s a well-rounded, balanced running shoe that is ready to go the distance.

Our reviewers also approved of the shoe’s aesthetic. It’s sophisticated and stylish, whether you’re working out, running errands, or want Air Zoom comfort while working. It’s available in several stylish colorways, featuring pops of color without appearing over the top.

If you’re looking for a dependable daily trainer that can take you from the treadmill to the Boston Marathon, the Nike Pegasus 40 will offer the comfort, support, and breathability you need to achieve your goals. Runners who want an ultra-technical shoe with nitrogen infusion and other popular new running tech, may want to continue searching.

Shop the Nike Pegasus 40 at Marathon Sports

At Marathon Sports, we dedicate ourselves to helping you find the best running shoes for your foot shape, stride, running style, fitness goals, and more. Contact us online or in stores to discuss the type of shoe you’re seeking, and we’ll help you find it.

Nike Men's Pegasus 40
1 Color
Nike Men's Pegasus 40


Nike Women's Pegasus 40
1 Color
Nike Women's Pegasus 40



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