Meet the Squad: Hayley – A Runners Motivation Story

Runners Motivation Story
Runners Motivation Story

I’ve reached the point where I’ve been running for the majority of my life – literally.

I started running when I was 14 and am now 30. In those 16 years I’ve learned a lot of lessons through running, the most important of which is to be relentlessly positive. If my name or face seem familiar to you, it’s likely because you watched me fall at the end of a marathon and crawl my way across the finish line. What the video doesn’t show is six months prior I ran one of the most disappointing races of my life.

After that marathon I let myself be sad. I cried. I deserved that emotional response. I had worked hard for months and didn’t come near the results I expected. But I didn’t let that disappointment cripple my self esteem or belief in myself. Conversely, it made me more steadfast to achieve my goals and led to my personal motto of being relentlessly positive.

Running is usually great but inevitably there are days (and sometimes weeks or longer) that just suck. Bad workouts, low motivation, unfavorable weather, insecurities. They all happen. And they happen to everyone. The key – at least for me – has been to always find the silver lining. Bad workout? Hey, I pushed myself to the max and practiced positive self talk. Cut a run short? One mile is better than no miles. Heat wave? Weekend off! (True story.)

I guess this isn’t much of a bio, but it is the most clear picture of myself I can give in a few short paragraphs. My outlook, personality, and self understanding can be summarized by challenging myself – and you – to set big goals, be unwavering in your belief in yourself, and stay relentlessly positive. And give yourself grace when things don’t go according to plan. Success doesn’t always look how you imagined it would.