Long Run Essentials – Running Gear & Accessories

If you’re training for a fall marathon or half marathon, it’s getting down to crunch time! Long run weekends are upon us. For the first-timers out there, running long isn’t as scary as it sounds – if you have the right gear (and the right attitude!) Check out some of our must-have items for the #weekendlongrun:


Even though summer weather is starting to slip away, hydration is still super important. Did you know that fluid helps carry fuel to your muscles?! So it’s not just for hydration – it’s everything! We love the Nathan TrailMix Plus belt – bounce free water storage, and a nice big pocket to store your phone, keys, and ID.


A stick or roller will quickly become your BFF as you’re battling through your training. Injuries don’t have to be a thing! Keep up with your “procovery” by embracing awesome tools like the Addaday Type C Massage Roller. It mimics techniques used by massage therapists, but with the convenience of a self-use, at-home capability.


A lot of people think of compression gear as a post-run or recovery solution, but it actually feels great during the run, too! Compression socks or sleeves can help reduce muscle vibration during your run, which means your muscles don’t have to work as hard to stabilize themselves with each step.


The great thing about fall (other than everything about fall) is the incredible running weather! You don’t need the long tights just yet – in fact, you may end up wearing shorts well into October! Capris are a nice choice as well, as they provide some protection if the wind is whipping, but don’t cover you up completely. The fall collections from brands like Saucony, The North Face, Janji, and Mizuno have a little something for everyone this season.


This goes without saying – SOCKS! A good pair of socks is a necessity for long runs (or any run, for that matter). Feetures! socks offer a great fit with just the right amount of cushioning.


Seeing your progress throughout your training is incredibly motivating! A good running watch can be a worthwhile investment if you’re spending a lot of time out on the roads or trails this fall. New to Marathon Sports is the Polar M430 GPS watch. Polar has really stepped it up with their new product selection – the M430 integrates state-of-the-art running metrics, advanced GPS and the freedom of optical heart rate technology.



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