KEEP IT MOVIN’: Your guide to winter running tights

So we’ve covered baselayers. We’ve covered jackets. But we can’t forget about your lower half! While we layer multiple pieces up top, your legs are usually a one shot deal. A great running tight to be worn in this type of weather should be a compromise between a baselayer and an outer shell, all in one. They should fit snug to the skin, wick moisture, and trap body heat. But they also might offer some reflectivity and windblocking.

The tights we’re looking at for January and February in New England will generally have a ‘brushed lining.’ This means that they are a little thicker and fleecier-feeling than your average mid-weight tight. Turn one of the tight legs inside out and give them a feel – cozy and warm!

Additionally, some tights will give you a wind panel on the upper legs. Think of running jacket material in a tight! This woven fabric will help block the wind and keep it from cutting through to your skin. A definite lifesaver on runs where the wind is whipping around.

We talked about reflectivity and runner safety a little while back. Tights are one of the best places to place reflective pieces – a driver’s eye will quickly identify reflection that is MOVING. So most winter running tights will have reflective piping or dots down the legs (every little bit helps!)

Aside from everything we just mentioned, make sure that your running tights fit well and are comfortable! You don’t want bunching of fabric at the knees or ankles, and they should be snug, but not restrictive in your range of motion. For those of you that are a bit more modest, check out a pant rather than a tight – the same benefits of tights with a little more room and a slightly looser fit.

Here are a few of our favorites this season:


NOMADKEY FEATURES: Wind- and waterproof FlexShell on the front legs and at the back calf; thermal, stretch fabric across the back legs. Fleece-lined and reflective; comfort stretch waistband.


TNFKEY FEATURES: Cozy brushed fleece lining with stretch-knit panels in the rear leg for flexibility; reflective calf zips for venting and easy on and off


MIDZEROKEY FEATURES: Elastic ankle grips to keep the cold air out and trap body heat; brushed lining for extra insulation


zeroplusKEY FEATURES: ZeroPlus insulation, which is the warmest fabric in the Sugoi product line; 2 zip pockets to keep your belongings secure; reflective piping down the leg