How to care for your gear

Your running and fitness apparel is an investment, and while these pieces won’t last forever, you can maximize their lifespans and, most importantly, keep the stank away by caring for them properly:

  1. HANG IT UP AFTER YOUR RUN – When you get back from a run and your clothes are soaked with the sweat of a good workout, hang them up so they can dry out. Don’t put them directly into your basket, as the dark, warm environment creates a breeding ground for bacteria (gross).
  2. USE SPECIAL DETERGENT – The great thing about sweat-wicking gear is that it
    keeps you comfortable during a workout. The worst thing about it is that while it wicks that moisture away from you, the garments can also trap odor-causing bacteria. Swap out your standard detergent for something that’s specially designed for technical fabrics. Products like Nathan SportWash and 2Toms Stink Free lift residue off these fabrics and neutralize odors better than the everyday laundry detergent.
  3. AVOID FABRIC SOFTENER – Your technical gear is porous, which is how the moisture gets out and away from you. Fabric softener can clog up these pores, interfering with your clothing’s moisture-wicking capabilities.
  4. WASH SEPARATELY – If you can, try and wash all your workout clothing in one load, separate from your everyday laundry, and definitely separate from towels. This can help prevent abrasion from things like jeans and pilling and lint from towels.
  5. AVOID THE DRYER – Generally, technical clothing should be air-dried, as the high heat in an electric dryer can cause the stretchy/spandex elements of your gear to prematurely wear out. If you don’t have the time or space to air-dry, choose a low heat setting.

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