BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Feetures! Socks

We’re suckers for a great family story.

Feetures! was founded by North Carolina native Hugh Gaither, who had worked for a leading sock manufacturer for 30 years when he decided to set out on his own with the help of his sons Joe and John. Joe, who now serves as the company’s marketing director, was actually only 15 years old when he suggested the name ‘Feetures.’ John leads product development for the company.

The Gaithers attribute ‘variety and family’ as keys to their success since breaking into the running market in 2002. Even as they’ve grown, they haven’t lost sight of their core mission of creating a high quality product that enhances the active experience, and have kept it in the family.

Their grassroots story is something that we can certainly identify with – Marathon Sports (as you currently know it) began as a family business built on a leap of faith.

So what makes these socks so great?


Feetures! anatomical construction provides a little bit of compression and a lot of foot-wrapping comfort. A high-density knit makes it feel like your foot and sock are one entity, and the no-seam toe is an added benefit!


One of the best wicking socks you’ll ever wear. Feetures! proprietary iWick fibers ensure that your foot stays cool and dry no matter the weather conditions. Whether you’re running a 5K or a marathon, these socks will go the distance with you.


This company stands behind their product and if you are ever unhappy with the performance of your sock, you can return it to them for a replacement or refund.


Feetures! offers three different levels of cushioning so you can find the perfect fit. (All the fun colors don’t hurt, either!)


The Gaither family got into this business because they are runners who love running and being active. They know what works and what doesn’t because they’ve experienced it!

So now you know. Get yourself to your nearest Marathon Sports and pick up a pair of Feetures! today. [SHOP NOW]