Boston Marathon – Faces of the Field: Jennifer…

2020 was going to be my first Boston Marathon. I was going to run on a master’s team with my fellow athletes from Liberty Athletic Club and I was really really excited!!

In April, our plan was to launch our “Faces of the Field” campaign and highlight some runners you’d see cross the finish line of the 124th Boston Marathon. Obviously, the Marathon is now virtual, so we asked our group to tell us their 2020 Virtual Boston Marathon feels, plans, and expectations! Everyone meet Jennifer!

“When the BAA announced the virtual race it was initially a difficult decision to participate. I had spent a lot of the year away from family training, I was no longer running on a team and I would have to run alone without the incredible energy and excitement that defines Boston.

Virtual Marathons

I decided to run virtually because I remembered that running is a privilege, being able to run, feeling safe while running, having time to train even with work and family – is something not everyone gets to experience. I needed to be grateful for the things I could do, and spend time honoring those fighting to keep us safe and healthy, honoring those who have lost their battles in the pandemic and deserve to be remembered, honoring those who are fighting for the right to feel safe and free while running. Boston is bigger than all of us, and this run is my very small way to keep the spirit of Boston alive this year.

As I run around the hills of Western Maine on my own for 26.2 miles, I know I will still be a part of a worldwide community of Boston runners honoring an event that has given so much to all of us over the years. And one day, thanks to the tireless work of so many, we will all line up together again in Hopkinton.”