The Best Running Socks for you

We’re going to enlighten you on something that is going to change your fitness life: COTTON SOCKS ARE BAD.

Why shouldn’t I wear cotton socks (or cotton clothing)?

Cotton is super comfy, but it’s something we want to avoid with anything you’ll be sweating in. And here’s the reason: cotton is highly absorbent. It soaks up sweat like it’s going out of style. And it doesn’t dry very quickly. So when you sweat, the clothing or socks you’re wearing will just soak up all that sweat and hold it against your skin. Not only is this uncomfortable, it means that when it’s hot out, your body has a hard time cooling off, and when it’s cold out, your body has a hard time warming up.

What kind of socks do I need for running, then?

Look for a synthetic or wool blend, which will wick moisture away from your skin and dry quickly. This will keep you comfortable and able to workout longer! This is particularly important in SOCKS. A wicking sock will keep your feet dry and blister-free, while a cotton sock will soak up sweat and start to bunch up around your feet, creating friction points.

Side note – did you know that each foot produces about a pint of sweat per day?! (Gross.) So you might spend a little more on a wool or synthetic sock, but your investment is well worth it (and your walking/running/workout socks will outlive any cotton sock by at least a year – we’ve tested it!)