Owner, President of Marathon Sports. Colin boasts a running pedigree that causes most athletes' eyes grow to the size of dinner plates. Boasting a PR of 28:18 for 10k and having qualified during the 1996 Olympic Marathon trials, the former All-American runner from the University of Virginia is one of the most active business owners in the industry. His background in biomechanics and kinesiology helped to develop what is now called the Right Fit, a unique footwear fitting process now emulated in specialty stores across the nation.


Patrick is our General Manager. In addition to holding the primary responsibilities of hiring, scheduling, and human resources management, he is also the most focused point of employee training in our company. He comes from a diverse athletic background, playing soccer, hockey, and basketball all through his childhood and played soccer at Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania before joining our ranks. He has run a marathon and has participated in numerous relays (Reach the Beach, Hood to Coast), and has his eyes set on Comrades in 2015.


As if we needed another Dan in the company! Dan D is our Marketing Manager, and acts as a main point of contact for external promotions. He's a true Bostonian, growing up in Sharon and going to college just down the road from our offices at Bentley University. Athletically, Dan was the best athlete Bentley ever had to not have made it to Nationals, sporting PR's of 4:09 in the mile and 1:51 in the 800. So close, yet so far! Dan can be reached at Dan.Darcy@MarathonSports.com.



Tim is our Scholastic Events and Team Coordinator. He's the point person for all things track and field, from setting up team nights and clinics to running our annual concept shop at the Reggie Lewis indoor track during the winter months. An accomplished high school coach and well respected member of the MSTCA, Tim has coached numerous high caliber athletes in his tenure at Sharon High School. He can be reached at Tim.Cimeno@MarathonSports.com.


Mike is our Footwear Buyer, and holds a primary responsibility of both determining what few shoes (of the thousands out there) that have earned the right to a spot on our wall, and managing our entire eleven-store inventory. A New Jersey native, Mike's running days extend all the way back to his days on the Jersey Shore as a youth, and since his migration to Boston he has competed in countless road races of all distances, including having run 4 marathons.


Brielle is our Apparel Buyer, and is responsible for each seasonal apparel buy and dressing the fixtures of each of our nine stores year round, dialing into the needs of the running community surrounding each of our unique store locations. Brielle is a former Boston College cross country/track superstar, and is still making her rounds of the local road races. She can even be seen on the cover of New England Runner in the women's issue from 2013.


Steve is our Road Race Manager, and is responsible for managing all sponsorships to road races in the Massachusetts area. He also helps head up all of our Team Sales. Looking to get a bunch of singlets, half zips, tights…etc for your team? Steve is your man! If you frequent Track and Field races, whether it be High School, College or Professional, you may have heard his voice as he is one of the most sought after announcers around. You also will not meet another person who loves Road Races and Track and Field more than Steve. A term we like to use is Fanatic. Steve can be reached at Steve.Infa@MarathonSports.com.


Ellen is the manager of our Brookline store, and has been a part of the Marathon Sports family for over 4 years. She hails from Nova Scotia, but we're trying to convert her over to our Bostonian ways; we think it's working! She can be reached at brookline@marathonsports.com


Shane is the manager of our Boston location. A former resident of upstate New York, and a former football player himself (don't even mention soccer near him), Shane identifies as two things: A J-E-T-S fan first, and an Irishman second: his hatred of the New England Patriots is perhaps the only thing that trumps his love for St. Patrick's Day. He's a multiple marathon runner and our longest tenured manager, and if it weren't for that, we'd can him for his sporting allegiances... He can be reached at Boston@MarathonSports.com.


 Peter is the manager of our Cambridge location. Born and raised in the South Shore of Massachusetts, Peter recently graduated from Boston University where he was a standout on the Track and Field/XC teams. Peter also recent ran the Boston Marathon in a casual 2 hours and 25 minutes. He's also a BIG fan of Kale! Peter can be reached at Cambridge@MarathonSports.com.


Alison is the manager of our Melrose location. An accomplished Pilates instructor and downright incredible person, Alison is now in her second tour as a Marathon Sports manager, first taking the reins of our Brookline store in 2008. She can be reached at Melrose@MarathonSports.com.


Mark is the manager of our Mansfield location. A recent graduate of Wheaton College, Mark is the fastest runner to walk through the doors of Marathon Sports as an employee. He sports a PR of 47.60 in the 400, with a relay split of 45.8 (YIKES!). He's currently training for the U.S.A. National Meet where he is going to absolutely TEAR UP the track. If you're in the Mansfield store, see how his training is going and wish him luck. Mark can be read at Mansfield@MarathonSports.com.


Dave is the manager of our Mashpee location.  A former teacher, Dave has a strong background in education.  He has combined his love of teaching with his passion for running to create an inviting and knowledgeable environment down in Mashpee.  Dave began his running career later than most but has developed into a not-too-shabby marathoner - his PR is 2:45:47.  He is glad to be a part of the Cape Cod community.  He can be reached at Mashpee@MarathonSports.com.


Dan is the manager of our Norwell location. A Long Island native, Dan came to Marathon Sports over 10 years ago after a stint with a local New York City running specialty shop. Since opening our Norwell store in 2005, Dan has acted as its only manager, and his neat-freakiness and humorous demeanor have kept the store a clean, organized, and fun place to shop and work. Dan is a self-purported Battlestar Galactica fanboy, recently had a daughter that looks quite a bit like him, and has sold socks to a certain member of The Office cast on more than one occasion. He can be reached at Norwell@MarathonSports.com.


Joe is the manager of our Plymouth location. A new addition to our store manage staff, Joe is taking the bull by the horns down in Plymouth. If you walk into Plymouth, ask Joe what the longest run he's ever been on was. His answer will ASTONISH you. Ultra-Marathoners are crazy (crazily awesome). Joe can be reached at Plymouth@MarathonSports.com.



Tricia is the manager of our Shrewsbury location. Tricia has been with Marathon Sports since she was 18. She is arguably the most creative employee Marathon Sports. In addition to manning our Shrewsbury store, Tricia also is responsible for the creative touch that all of our Store Windows have throughout the year. Looking for a place to run on Tuesday nights? Tricia started and heads up our Tuesday Night (6:30pm) running group from Shrewsbury. Tricia can be reached at Shrewsbury@MarathonSports.com.



Zach is the manager of our Wellesley location. Looking to prepare for a marathon? Zach is your man, having prepared for and run upwards of 6 marathons (Boston included) successfully. Zach loves having a good old fashioned Mac and Cheese to fuel him up, and enjoys long walks along the beach. Zach can be reached at Wellesley@MarathonSports.com.