APPAREL REVIEW: Craft Focus Jacket

by Marathon Sports
on February 09, 2016

by Patrick Caron, Marathon Sports staff member

craftfocusAs an ultra-runner and long-distance hiker, I can be just a tad bit picky with gear, whether it be my footwear, clothing, or any of the other essentials I might bring along on my adventures. Actually, reallypicky to be honest! But hey, when you’re out training for several hours at a time, it’s extremely important to find something that works, and that...

Winter Warrior 2016 – it’s a wrap!

by Marathon Sports
on February 04, 2016

We’ve had four days now to reflect on our 2016 Winter Warrior Challenge. For some, 31 days in a row of running outside was no big deal (looking in your direction, Brian Tjersland…)

But for most, it was quite an undertaking! Now, don’t get us wrong. We know that in the larger context of the world around us, running for a month is not really that big of a deal. But for many of us, it was a real...

SHOE REVIEW: Brooks PureFlow 5

by Marathon Sports
on February 04, 2016

by Susannah Mazer, Marathon Sports Norwell assistant manager

PF5The Brooks PureFlow 5is an exciting update on a shoe that’s become a staple on the non-traditional running shoe spectrum for the last five years. Featuring a 4mm heel-to-toe offset but still offering plenty of cushion under the foot, the PureFlow can function as a transitional shoe for someone looking to move towards a more minimal shoe,...

KEEP IT MOVIN’: Your guide to winter running tights

by Marathon Sports
on January 20, 2016

So we’ve covered baselayers. We’ve covered jackets. But we can’t forget about your lower half! While we layer multiple pieces up top, your legs are usually a one shot deal. A great running tight to be worn in this type of weather should be a compromise between a baselayer and an outer shell, all in one. They should fit snug to the skin, wick moisture, and trap body heat. But they also might offer...

COVER THAT UP: Your winter running jacket guide

by Marathon Sports
on January 15, 2016

Winter is HERE baby! So the time for a good running jacket is now. For the most part, you can get by without graduating to a shell outer layer through the fall and early winter. But for days like we’ve had recently, where the wind is whipping and windchills are in the single digits, a good jacket can make the difference between getting back from your run and saying ‘man, I feel good!’ or ‘man, I...

A TALE OF TWO SHOES: Asics 2000 & Brooks Adrenaline

by Marathon Sports
on December 30, 2015


Chances are, you’ve run across the Asics GT-2000 and Brooks Adrenaline GTS at some point in your running life. They are the Toyota Camry of running shoes – consistent, reliable, though not terribly exciting. They’re never packed with the newest bells and whistles, crazy colors, or experimental technology, and that’s perfectly okay! There’s a reason these two models have survived and thrived in a...

PRODUCT QUICK HIT: The North Face Isotherm Jacket

by Marathon Sports
on December 29, 2015

When winter hits, we have to get serious about our running wardrobe. One piece we really love is the Isotherm Jacket by The North Face. This soft shell allows you to get out in even the coldest of weather (make sure you layer properly underneath!) thanks to wind and water resistance coupled with reflectivity and a great fit.




  • Stretch panels under the arms and on sides of core. These...

THE ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE: 25 Stocking Stuffers Under $25

by Marathon Sports
on December 17, 2015


So you’ve gotten all the big stuff out of the way. But don’t forget those stocking stuffers! Some of these little goodies are the best gifts you can give to a runner!

  1. Craft Brilliant Hat – warm, comfy, and reflective! $24.99
  2. FootRubz – treat yo feet! $5.99
  3. Nathan Big Shot Bottle – BPA-free with a narrow, anti-spill opening $13.00
  4. Spibelt– don’t go on a long run without this versatile waist pack...

WINTER RUNNING 101 part V: Baselayer Basics

by Marathon Sports
on December 14, 2015

Ah, the baselayer. Quite possibly the single most important piece of your winter running wardrobe. This is the piece that makes or breaks your run during less than ideal weather conditions, whether it be snow, aggressive windchill, or bitter cold.


Three main things you should know about a baselayer:

  • made from knit fabric, which gives them stretch in all directions and breathability
  • fits snug to...


by Marathon Sports
on December 07, 2015

Looking for a gift but not sure where to start? We’ve pulled together some suggestions for you!


CEP PROGRESSIVE RUN SOCK – Embrace the wonder of compression socks! CEP’s proprietary compression profile improves blood flow, reduces muscle soreness and quickens recovery time. BUY NOW AT MARATHONSPORTS.COM

AMPHIPOD XINGLET– Chances are, your distance runner is going to have to do a lot of training...