by Marathon Sports
on February 10, 2017


This shoe! Hoka finally has a stability shoe in its line and it is AWESOME. The perfect option for anyone who has ever wanted to give Hoka a try but was worried about stability. But if you’re thinking that this is just your run of the mill stability shoe, think again.


Most stability shoes use some form of a medial post to control overpronation. But that traditional way of...

RUNNING REFLECTIONS: “I’m not a real runner or anything…”

by Marathon Sports
on January 31, 2017

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this sentence or some variation of it (“I’m not a marathoner,” “I do like 3 miles, I’m not a runner,” “I’m not fast or anything,” the list goes on and on) while working the sales floor in one of our stores.

And it makes me upset every time I hear it! When did running become something that is an exclusive club where entrance is only given to people that...

SHOE UPDATE: Saucony Hurricane ISO3

by Marathon Sports
on January 13, 2017


To say we love this update is a huge understatement. For many years, runners that wanted a high-cushion shoe that also offered stability were pigeonholed into choosing a heavier shoe that offered plenty of stability, or a lighter shoe that offered less. With the Hurricane ISO, Sauconyhas eliminated the need to make a choice, offering a shoe that has enough control and shock absorption in a quick,...

Outfit of the Week: The Lunchtime Run

by Marathon Sports
on December 27, 2016


Sometimes, running in the dark just gets really old. Squeeze in a few lunchtime miles on a cold but sunny day with this combo – the dark color will help attract whatever meager heat the sun is providing (but we did throw in a pop of color or two where we could).

  1. Brooks Fineform Bra $50– a great option for smaller ladies, the Fineform has convertible straps and bonded seams to help prevent...

WINTER RUNNING: Common Mistakes

by Marathon Sports
on December 20, 2016

Winter running can be complicated. Between dealing with the cold, poor road conditions, unpredictable forecasts, and crazy precipitation, your motivation can plummet really quickly. Here are a few common pitfalls to avoid to help winter running be as comfortable as possible and keep you out there:


Yes, it is possible to overdress even when it’s 10* out. And that can be just as bad (or...

Shop the Look: Saucony Performance Apparel

by Marathon Sports
on December 15, 2016


Another great option for the cold days that lay ahead. We’ve chosen pieces from the Saucony Performance Running collection for an outfit that will get you through runs ranging in temperatures from 0*-20* (with the jacket) or 15*-30* (without the jacket).

sauc1BASELAYER: Ridgerunner Baselayer $88

sa81614-crbh_1A Primaloft Wool knit make this a super lightweight yet extremely warm option for extra cold days. Flatlock...

SHOE UPDATE: Asics GT-2000 v5

by Marathon Sports
on December 14, 2016


The 2000 series by Asics has been one of America’s most popular running shoes for many years, and each December its loyal followers wait to see what the update will be like. This year Asics has made some slight improvements but kept all the good stuff. Here’s what’s new about this version of the 2000:


The midfoot saddle is heat-bonded (rather than sewn on) which...

Winter Running: LAYERING 101

by Marathon Sports
on December 14, 2016

dsc_0146If what the weather experts are saying is true, layering is going to be more important than ever to get through a winter full of running. With the right pieces, you don’t have to change much about your running routine, even when the weather gets downright nasty! Let’s get down to it:

Upper Body


Your baselayeris the most important part of the operation. If you mess this one up, the...

Shop the Look: Sugoi Performance Apparel

by Marathon Sports
on December 13, 2016


The forecast is predicting some mighty chilly temperatures and windchills later this week – but don’t let that stop your running! By layering the right pieces, you’d be surprised how comfortable you can feel in very cold temperatures.

We’ve layered pieces from the Sugoi product line for a great option for your runs in temperatures ranging from 15*-30*, with or without precipitation. This outfit...

The Ins and Outs of Compression Gear

by Marathon Sports
on December 09, 2016

For those of us training for a big spring race (or anyone who just trains like an absolute animal on the roads, in the gym, or in the pool), compression gear can be a great addition to our wardrobe. But what does it actually do for you?

So much CEP in one photo! The Marathon Sports/Runner’s Alley/soundRUNNER squad relied on compression socks to get them through Ragnar Reach the Beach 2016.